As the DHeLiDA project concludes, it leaves behind a trail of transformative outcomes aimed at enhancing digital health literacy and revolutionizing healthcare engagement. Here’s a concise overview of the project’s key achievements:

  • Crowdsourcing Platform on Digital Health Literacy: The creation of a collaborative online platform serves as a hub for experts, educators, and adult users to collectively improve awareness of digital health. This platform also acts as a multilingual repository of Open Educational Resources (OERs) on digital health, fostering continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
  • CompHealth Foundation Framework: Integral to the DigComp Framework, the DigComp Health Foundation Framework outlines essential digital competences necessary for utilizing health technologies and services. This framework is instrumental in developing tailored teaching materials, enhancing digital competences in healthcare, and empowering patients and healthcare providers alike.
  • DHeLiDA Training and Sustainability Toolkit: Comprising 11 modules focused on digital health literacy, this comprehensive toolkit equips trainers and participants with valuable resources to enhance their understanding and skills in digital health. Each module addresses specific facets of digital health literacy, offering detailed information and practical guidance.

Final Steps – Trainings and Multiplier Events: In the project’s concluding months, pilot training pathways were organized for adults with fewer opportunities, facilitating the testing of created materials. Multiplier events across partner countries provided a platform to showcase project products and gather feedback on the European Health Netiquette. Participants expressed enthusiasm for the project’s impact on improving digital health literacy among vulnerable groups.

For those seeking further information on the project, visit or contact the respective project partner in your country, with contact details available on the website. Stay updated by following the project on Facebook: @dhelidaproject.

DHeLiDA Partners:

  • Pro Arbeit – Kreis Offenbach – (AöR) – Kommunales Jobcenter, Germany (Project Coordinator)
  • EGinA, Italy
  • Frederick University, Cyprus
  • SYSTSERV, Greece
  • Pressure Line, The Netherlands

As we bid farewell to the DHeLiDA project, its enduring legacy lies not only in the tangible tools and frameworks it has provided but in the collective empowerment it has instilled, paving the way for a digitally resilient and health-savvy society.