systserv in medical informatics

Our Medical Pillars

Research and Development stand as the core activities of SYSTSERV SA, working towards developing medical systems that overcome current needs and meet future goals, improving the overall healthcare outcomes. On that ground, our main pillars are:


We design and develop innovative e-Health services to wide public. id2Health is the flagship platform of SYSTSERV SA providing collaborative healthcare services.

ICT Medical Infrastructures

We design and develop next generation ICT Medical Infrastructure, Services & Solutions.

Smart Medical Devices

We design pioneering smart Software and Devices for assisted Surgery and Living.

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

Our aim is to enhance the quality of life of older people and strengthen their capabilities through the use of Information and Communication Technologies

ICT based Prevention

Solutions for Prevention and Management of chronic conditions of elderly

ICT based Social Interaction

Solutions for Advancement of Social Interaction of elderly people

ICT based Mobility

Solutions for Advancement of elderly peoples' Mobility

ICT based Independence

Solutions for Living actively and independently at home

Our SubFields

We are proud leaders in the effort to improve healthcare outcomes. Through our systems we promote new policies and behavioral standards to improve overall health of citizens, worldwide.

Smart IoT

We built sustainable IoT systems

  • Innovative Wearables
  • Smart Home
  • Smart City
  • Smart Supply Chain

Augmented Reality

We blur the line between what's real and what's computer-generated by enhancing what you see

Smarts Sensors

We design smart sensors able to detect events or changes in the surrounding environment providing more accurate output.

Embedded Systems

We develop and/or integrate hardware and software, either fixed in capability or programmable.

e-Medical Devices

We improve and increase access to healthcare

  • Maximize insight generated
  • Coordinate resources effectively
  • Build patient-physicians trusted relationships
  • Increase speed and responsiveness


We optimize storage and convenient access to medical images from multiple modalities

Integrated Web PACS

We develop and support cloud-based solutions with unlimited storage and easy access to digital medical images

Robotic Surgery

We design Intelligent Surgical Robotics in minimally invasive and open surgery

TreatMeOut TM (App and Backend system)

TreatmeOut TM system is able to monitor healthcare variables and health status. Specifically it supports:

Heart rate Variability measurement

Test your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) using Photoplethysmography (PPG) and smart algorithms and use biomarkers to analyse health and disease conditions.

Heart Rate measurement

Test your Heart Rate in a measurement of beats per minute. The outcome is displayed on the relative interface and you can choose between repeating the test or store the results in the History logs, in the mini Folder.

Mini Medical Folder

Turn your device into a personal medical folder. TreatMeout can track your HR, HRV, Blood Pressure, Glucose, Weight, BMI, Cholesterol etc. Enable also lifetime data visualization, statistics reporting and built-in reminders.

HealthCare surveillance Services

TreatmeOut system is able to act as a multi-sensor health surveillance system, supporting the following services Spot a Stroke, Tracking, Fall Detection, SOS Button


DoctorsHelloTM ecosystem

DoctorsHelloTM is the first socio-medical ecosystem worldwide. But who are the stakeholders in Doctorshello ecosystem ? At the highest level, we all are. Anyone who has a vested interest in the healthcare system. But the architecture of the DoctorsHello ecosystem begins with the doctors to improove the ecosystem outcomes. On that ground, our main stakeholder categories are:


Doctors and other medical professionals that provide medical care to patients based on a fee-for-service model.


They receive healthcare delivered by Doctors. They pay for insurance premiums, co-payments, and deductibles, as well as direct out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare service.

Pharmaceutical companies

Companies makers of drugs prescribed by Doctors and healthcare providers.


Government agencies and industry organizations that set healthcare policy, write and enforce regulations, and oversee industry standards.