HealthChain is a project offering a model for co-created, demand-driven technological solutions in health care by creating optimal value-chains. It provides a framework in which innovations do not arise from technological vacuum and therefore have a short lifespan.

From the very start it includes all stakeholders within health care ecosystem, based on their active participation. Optimizing applicability of innovation for end users, connecting European Mirror regions and IT/digital solution companies this project ensures that all the parties are benefiting, with the aim to create user-friendly and timely access to health care, while taking into account investments, organizational and tendering process optimization.

Mirror Regions will receive tailored training and financial support for implementing the HealthChain approach, aimed at strengthening healthcare innovation ecosystems in Europe. SystServ through Doctorshello acts as a lead supporter and dynamises the ecosystem, in collaboration with a Challenger (General Hospital of Pyrgos), a healthcare organisation with an innovation challenge to be solved in co-creation with an SME. The Solvers will be selected through an open call procedure, to be launched later this year.