On October 12th, SYSTSERV, a prominent player in the healthcare industry and the selected solution provider, showcased its remarkable contributions during the CHERRIES Cyprus final interactive workshop. This event gathered more than 20 key stakeholders, including Policy Makers, Healthcare Professionals, Innovators in Healthcare, Patient Associations, and members of the Research and Innovation ecosystem. Together, they explored and discussed SYSTSERV’s groundbreaking approach, embodied by the DoctorsHello system, to demand-driven healthcare solutions, with a focus on presenting the results and successful outcomes achieved.

During the event, the regional partners CyRIC EU|BIC and the Aretaeion Hospital presented the CHERRIES methodology, and its application in the Cypriot pilot. The presentations brought together the concepts of co-creation and RRI in a pragmatic way with examples delivered during the pilot’s lifetime.  Lessons learnt were presented revolving around Cyprus’ regional context and current healthcare sector status. Important discussions and the Q&A session allowed the team to see that the stakeholders in the room acknowledge the virtues of RRI which allows a holistic approach when applying a solution.

The true highlight of the event was the live demonstration of SYSTSERV’s e-health solution – DoctorsHello, powered by CarePOI. The attendees had a unique opportunity to witness DoctorsHello solution, in action, with hands-on presentations of medical tests. During the live demonstration, all participants and stakeholders involved had the opportunity to discuss the potential sustainability and adoption of DoctorsHello solution to the recently established National Health System in Cyprus and its potential impact and benefits to society.

SYSTSERV’s Vision Resonates:

It was heartening to see that policy makers in attendance not only recognized but expressed significant interest in SYSTSERV’s “demand-driven” approach. The CHERRIES methodology, under SYSTSERV’s and other members’ guidance, demonstrated its ability to offer tangible, real-world solutions to address society’s pressing healthcare needs.