In a momentous occasion that underlines our commitment to transforming healthcare, DoctorsHello was honored at the Responsible Research Awards in Cyprus, a testament to our groundbreaking contributions to the healthcare ecosystem.

A Remarkable Achievement

The accolade was a significant recognition of the DoctorsHello Telemedicine platform and its associated projects, #Durus and #Atlas. We’re proud to share this moment with our dedicated team at SYSTSERV, as well as our esteemed partners CyRIC and Aretaeio Hospital. Together, we have achieved something truly remarkable.

Responsible Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

Our journey began with the CHERRIES project, collaborating with CyRIC and Aretaeio Hospital just two months before the pandemic swept across the globe. This Coordination Support Action project, awarded a perfect score of 15/15, was focused on Responsible Research and Innovation in the healthcare sector. Our challenge was not just research and innovation, but also being ‘responsible’ in all aspects of healthcare.

While some initially turned away from the project due to its ambitious nature, we remained undeterred. We were determined to learn, design, and execute this endeavor correctly. We extend our gratitude to all those who believed in us, those who lent their support in their unique ways, and especially to those who stayed the course.

A Vision Realized

Two years later, amidst the ongoing pandemic, DoctorsHello powered by SYSTSERV, in collaboration with the Cypriot team, clinched the Responsible Research Award and accomplished the most successful pilot among the three European pilots in Spain, Sweden, and Cyprus. Through telemedicine sessions and remote monitoring, we harnessed the power of telemetry nodes and specialized combinations of software and devices to provide nearly all the measurements possible in physical medical examinations to remote areas of Cyprus island.

Research and Innovation with Impact

This award not only validates our dedication to research and innovation but also underscores the real-world impact of our work. It is the result of a collective effort that would not have been possible without the collaboration and commitment of our partners and team members.

As we accept this prestigious award, we renew our commitment to responsible entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector. DoctorsHello, powered by SYSTSERV, is more determined than ever to shape the future of healthcare and bring about positive change. Our mission is to provide high-quality healthcare services that benefit not only our region but the broader healthcare community.