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SYSTSERV is a proud leader in the effort to improve healthcare via telemedicine services

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Well-established Hospital Systems

First worldwide Telemedicine system over SAT

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Connect, Collaborate,Share
medical ecosystem

DoctorsHello is an interactive “Connect-Collaborate-Share” Ecosystem based on a network of collaborators (Doctors, Medical Students, Users and Patients).

Methods Inf Med. 2007;46(1):27-35 2007, Apr 02

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TreatMeOut is not just another App. It is a “Swiss Army Knife” HealthCare system for any of us

TreatmeOut system is able to monitor Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability and in the upcoming version Glucose levels and support features

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A “Never Retired" platform for 3Agers

ThirdA is much more than a Learning Management System (LMS). It is an online ecosystem for ‘creators’ and anyone who wants get or/and share knowledge for free or via payment aiming in the Life Long Learning of the 3rd Age.

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Shake and stay Safe

lifePOI does not track people it keeps them safe by enabling a safety human network during life-threatening events

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