id2Health Identity to Health

The #1 secure collaborative healthcare system. id2Health is a secure integrated system for effective personalized healthcare. The id2Health system formulates three innovative medical catalogues per person (Person in Life, Person in Time and Person in Action) enabling people and healthcare providers collaboration, health monitoring and screening.

The sword designed with people in mind

id2Health is a step forward in the way healthcare services can be delivered. The id2Health can be considered as a double edged sword a) the first edge is engaged with id2Health system enriching medical data -received on the point- to medical e-folder and the b) the second edge free-standing virtual healthcare node, you get to consult with a healthcare professional face-to-face via video screen, ensuring you get quality, individualized medical screening and diagnosis. Whether you schedule an appointment or just walk right up, iHealthNode is your new option for convenient, quality healthcare..

Key Features

id2Health structures a scalable personalized catalogue for storing and updating basic demographic and well-being data. Advanced tools keep constantly engaged people in tracing and monitoring family history, diseases, immunizations, allergies, daily routines activities, dietary intake, targeting a daily feedback that can enhance a health proactive role of a person all throughout life.

id2Health structures a scalable personalized "Person in Time" catalogue that entails electronic health records (EHRs) containing Lab exams, streamed data in real time, obtained by interconnected diagnostic devices, imaging exams e.g X-rays, ultrasounds and other important medical data. Continuous measurement of physiological and focal parameters of an individual enable the dynamic update of a complete health status and invaluable information for analysis.

"Person in Time" catalogue is facilitated with a secure human-centered, personalised monitoring subsystem, providing a full range of documentation, charting, and practice management tools all, wrapped in an intuitive user interface that is remarkably easy to learn and use. Someone can instantly store and share lab results, medications, diagnoses, care plans, immunization history, and many more. Being cloud-based, it’s always on and available, and requires nothing more than a PC and Internet connectivity. With extra precautions on data security, it is safe and HIPAA-compliant.

id2Health structures Person in Action catalogue which integrates intelligent heuristic algorithms to enable dynamic and objective health screening for physicians’ reference, evaluate accurately health risk levels, of abnormal conditions and reassess the personalized clinical parameters.

id2Health incorporates a subsystem, an ICT collaborative tool, that bridges physicians and healthcare providers with people, by enabling real time communication, through voice, video and id2health data catalogues. id2Connect supports.

e-Learning Center (e-LC)

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The e-LC is available to help fulfill your id2Health learning requirements. It contains content developed online and live and recorded webinars. It contains audio or video-synchronized presentations captured from live courses.


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With Compassionate Care

  • An identity of health for everyone.
  • Easy access to care from anywhere, anytime
  • Full compliance with existing guidelines
  • Full compliance with clinical protocols

id2Health: Identity to Health

A truly well designed Suite of e-Health services with easy environment enabling patients / users and health professionals manage easily and efficiently personal health data. Id2health Suite provides a scalable and flexible integration platform for collecting, storing and sharing of user information to support the management of patient care and business performance. In fact it is a comprehensive suite of interconnected components, all integrated under a common framework.