Systserv Celebrates Success: Faculty Members from the University of Patras Drive DigitUni Program Dissemination

Systserv is thrilled to announce the triumphant dissemination of the DigitUni European program ( led by our esteemed founders, Dr. Lefteris G. Gortzis and Hara Pylarinou, from the School of Medicine at the University of Patras. Their recent efforts exemplify Systserv’s commitment to advancing education through innovative digital solutions.

DigitUni, a pioneering European initiative, focuses on strengthening the capacity of university professors and assistants in implementing online, blended, and distance teaching within a hybrid online environment. It achieves this by reinforcing and expanding digital pedagogical skills and competences.

Elevating Nursing Education through Collaborative Initiatives

At Systserv, we take pride in our active involvement in the DigitUni program, a testament to our dedication to continual educational improvement. Through collaborative efforts, our faculty members have worked tirelessly to empower nursing students with the latest knowledge and skills, reinforcing the strong ties between Systserv and the University of Patras.

Emphasis on Digital Pedagogical Skills for the Future

DigitUni’s core focus on developing digital pedagogical skills aligns seamlessly with Systserv’s commitment to cutting-edge education solutions. In an era where technology shapes the future of education, this program equips educators with the tools and knowledge essential for excellence in online, blended, and distance teaching. Systserv proudly supports initiatives that prepare students for the demands of a digitally-driven healthcare landscape.

The successful dissemination of the DigitUni program stands as a testament to Systserv’s commitment to fostering innovation. We remain steadfast in our dedication to providing a dynamic learning environment, and we look forward to the continued collaboration and success of initiatives that contribute to the growth and development of students.